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Be prepared, your guests are coming soon. Fall in love with the beaches and low country of Brunswick County, North Carolina, and you will realize what the locals already know: vacation IS your home.

Of course there’s the history of Southport, NC, where the term “defiant colonist” in 1765 became “patriot” upon the birth of America. The world’s largest Civil War roundtable exists in Caswell Beach, NC. The oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina sits on Bald Head Island, just a quick boat ride from the Yacht Basin in Southport. There’s pirate tales

including those of Blackbeard, along with stories of rescues in coastal waters from German U boats during WWII. The area’s patriotism is rewarded yearly with the official 4th of July festival for the entire state of North Carolina. Yet, the history is but one aspect of this fascinating area we call home. It is the people that truly make the area vibrant.

Walk into any bistro, wine shop, art gallery, or dockside restaurant, and you will feel the hospitality. People still wave to strangers here. They say “y’all and yes ma’am.” There’s a slower pace of life at work that allows

newcomers to create their own family history within a diverse and historic community.

As one the fastest growing counties in North Carolina and the nation, Brunswick County is attracting the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists, storytellers, builders, doctors, and teachers. Here within the pages of Barefoot in Carolina, we’d like to be your guide to what’s next in your journey.

-Dana Broker/REALTOR®

“Maybe that’s the best part of going away for a vacation-coming home again.”
– Madeleine L’Engle